The following examples show recent commercial work that has been produced. Original artwork is available by quotation ~ All pieces are designed to give the client a professional image for their business. If you desire a professionally designed advertising piece, please contact me at:


Injection Molding Magazine Ad

 International Brochure in 4 languages:
(English, Spanish, Japanese and Portguese)

Haitian Ad Campaign for Plastics News Magazine

Show Guide Ad for Plastics In Canada Magazine



Logos are essential for any size business. A logo tells a story about your company in one glance. Logos are on business cards, stationery, trucks, signs, you name it.

Here are some examples:

#1 - 2 color logo

#2 - 3 color logo (shown on a business card)

#3 - 4 color logo (shown on with company name incorporated into the design)


#4 - 2 color logo

#5 - 4 color logo

#6. 4 color logo and business card

Web site Information
Today's business environment expects your business to have a web site. It has become a standard business practice for marketing and advertising to have your company on the web.

C.A. Hanck Graphics can get your company on the internet, complete with domain, hosting, design, animation and optimization. Contact me to see how you can get started and get your business where it belongs and get the increased business you deserve.

Here are a few links to sites I have designed. I have more coming up, so contact me if you have an idea and want to discuss your site with me.

Get your business noticed on the internet.
It's easy and affordable.

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